What is the cost of stem cell therapy?

A better question might be what is the cost of not having stem cell therapy?

Since were just speaking about economic issues let’s take an in-depth look at this.

If you are considering, for example, a knee replacement surgery, you’ll be out of work for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. If you’re self-employed you may not have a source of income while you’re recovering. If for your salary is $40,000 a year, and you’re not able to work for two months that translates to $6150 less income that year. There is a health insurance deductible of $2500 for a total of $8650. That’s not an insignificant number. After knee replacement surgery there is also lengthy rehabilitation with co-pays.   

Knee replacement surgery is not without its risks. Infection and thrombophlebitis or significant complications. After knee replacement surgery you must take antibiotics before having your teeth cleaned at the dentist to prevent infection of the implant, even years later.

With the stem cell therapies offered at Pittsburgh Stem Cell your back to work the next day.  The risk of complications such as infection or phlebitis is extremely rare.  Antibiotics and opiate therapy is not necessary.

At Pittsburgh Stem Cell we offer many different approaches to stem cell therapy. All therapies consist of autologous mesenchymal stem cells. We offer a program called Cells on Ice. With this program, you can bank your own mesenchymal stem cells for use at a future point in time. So, if you’re having a treatment of your right knee for osteoarthritis you can bank your own autologous mesenchymal stem cells.   These cells can be retrieved at a future time to treat your left knee.  If needed in the future these same autologous mesenchymal stem cells can be used to treat erectile dysfunction or neurologic conditions such as multiple sclerosis. This is can be done without a second harvesting procedure.  I invite you to listen to the video on stem cell banking.

Some people may prefer to have two knees done at the same time.   Other people may require treatment of their left knee and right shoulder. So it’s really difficult to give an exact cost without discussing the global picture and the specific needs of the patient.

Also at Pittsburgh Stem Cell we never do just one treatment. If a person is having treatment for osteoarthritis of the right knee, that knee gets injected with autologous mesenchymal stem cells. At the same time, a second installation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells is given intravenously. This allows us to approach the problem of the knee from a local perspective, by injecting the joint, and a systemic perspective by giving the stem cells intravenously.  

If you are truly interested in stem cell therapy, I encourage you to contact my office so that we can discuss an individual treatment program to fit your specific needs.