Orthopedic injury or disease affects millions of Americans


Osteoarthritis is one such a degenerative disease that can be a crippling source of joint pain.

Most commonly found in knees and hips, this disease leads to significant disability and loss of function, as well as other co-morbidities. Typical treatment options for these orthopedic areas include physical therapy, injection of steroids or cartilage substitutes, or joint replacement. These options can provide temporary relief, however they may damage local tissues and require extensive recovery or rehab.

Stem-cell therapy offers an alternative solution. Our protocol uses platelet-rich plasma and stromal vascular fraction.  This is rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors for treating osteoarthritis and other similar diseases affecting orthopedic areas of the body. With the deployment of these cells into the affected areas, the body may be able to heal and improve, avoiding the need for major reconstructive surgery.


There is minimal risk associated with Autologous stem-cell therapy, and there is great potential for increased healing.

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