Cardiac illnesses are responsible for millions of hospitalizations each year in the United States


Whether caused by high-blood pressure, heart attack, cardiomyopathy, or any number of other conditions, heart tissue can become damaged over time.  

The result of this damage can lead to heart failure.  Congestive heart failure is one of the leading causes of death for Americans. It develops when the heart is weakened to the extent that it is no longer capable of pumping blood with an adequate amount of power. The result leaves the body struggling for oxygen and nutrients. This is not a curable condition.  Common treatments include a medication regimen, stringent control of one's diet and lifestyle, and meticulous monitoring by a physician.  

Stem cell therapy is engineering new methods to regenerate the damaged heart-muscle cells that contribute to this loss of function. At Pittsburgh Stem Cell, we provide instillation of a patient’s own, adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction cells, rich in mesenchymal stem cells. With the deployment of these cells, there is the increased possibility for healing of the damaged cells, thus naturally improving the heart’s ability to maintain proper function. 



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PSC does not currently offer treatment for Cardiac disease
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