Dr. Wharton’s practice is built upon being a devoted patient advocate who believes that looking to the future, through innovation and research, can make a difference in patient outcomes. 

During his 30 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology, his observations in the effectiveness of hormonal therapy for women created special interest in the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. He received Age Management Training through the Cenengenics Educational Research Foundation and completed a Fellowship in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Applying these anti-aging and regenerative strategies to his practice returned astounding, positive, patient results.  Realizing that there were compelling treatment modalities outside of insurance-based medicine, he began his study and education in stem-cell therapy.   

Continued success in this type of treatment, including significant improvement of health and vitality for himself and others in his family, carry his inspiration for regenerative medicine passionately forward. Dr. Wharton has thus shifted his professional focus to the stem-cell frontier.  He believes, though the method is still in its infancy, it will someday grow to be the preferred option for medical care for many, if not all, health concerns.



Support Staff

Ashley, RN

Ashley is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center School of Nursing and has been part of Dr. Wharton's support staff for 3 years. Her experience as Practice Manager at Dr. Wharton’s BHRT/Integrative medicine practice is invaluable in her role at Pittsburgh Stem Cell as a key contact for patients.




As a Graduate Nurse, with experience working with patients in a medical office, she is a great contact for our patients. Chelsea is a graduate of Heritage Valley Sewickley School of Nursing and has been part of Dr. Wharton’s support staff for a year.






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